Monday, August 19, 2013

Center Your Page Tabs & Blog Title

You know how those titles that you type in that awkwardly lean to the left of your header? And then the page tabs that ALSO lean to the left? Why is that? Well, because it's default. This post will help you get rid of that.

This only applies to you if you have the Pages feature right under the header, and/or if your header is just text and not a full-fitting image. Unless you chose a ratchet header image that doesn't even fit the whole thing--that you want to align to the center. No problemo, this post will teach you how to align anything to the center.


1. Go to
2. Click on your blog title
3. Click "Template"
4. Click "Customize" (orange)
5. On the left, click "Advanced" (Although it's not that advanced. I can't really explain the label.)
6. Scroll until you see "Add CSS"

7. For centering image header, paste this into CSS box:

#header-inner img {margin: 0 auto !important;}
#header-inner {text-align:center !important;}

For centering header text, paste this:

#header-inner {text-align: center ;}


Follow steps 1-6 from above.
7.  .PageList {text-align:center !important;}
.PageList li {display:inline !important; float:none !important;}

Friday, August 9, 2013

Hello, hello, hello!

Hello to those who are passing by! This is a blog that I've just started, dedicated to the topic of designing and helping YOU discover blogging tips and tricks on how to make a pretty blog! I'll be updating soon. For now, this is it.